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Sascha & The Boys - a photo diary

February 10, 2021

I made a photo diary of what was happening at Sascha & The Boys last week. From sourcing new fabrics to working on Spring Summer collection with an artisan, designing and working on an exciting new piece (I’m showing you a little sneak peek in one of the photos), it’s been a full week.

Souring fabric is always so much fun. Last year I went to Paris for the famous Premiere Vision trade show. It was a huge show and a real mix of quality fabrics and polyester… (and you know what I think of polyester!) It was great to meet suppliers and I’m now working with a few I met in Paris. This year the show is going to be digital. In the meantime, I’m still sourcing fabrics for our Spring Summer collection. I know what I have in mind so I’m trying not to get distracted by all the beautiful fabrics that come my way!

I’m also developing something new… have you seen it on the photo? It’s the first time I’m talking about it and showing a sneak peek… If it looks weird, that’s because I made it from paper, tape and ribbons to work out the measurements 😉

I hope you enjoyed the little photo diary! I’ll be doing them at the beginning of each week showing you how the collection develops and any update about my studio. See you soon 🙂

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