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How to wear a tweed jacket according to chic Parisienne, Leia Sfez

November 25, 2021

Dark straight hair, no make up look and jealousy inducing wardrobe- Instagram offers us a glimpse into the life of Parisian creative director, Leia Sfez. With over half milion Instagram followers, she must be doing something right. Her secret? Classic pieces paired with hot accessories.

Leia incorporates trends into her wardrobe in that very unmistakably French way- she invests serious money in classic pieces that will stand the test of time, and ads a trendy spin on the outfit by incorporating of the moment  accessories.

Here, she gives us a masterclass in wearing a tweed jacket the modern way:

Outfit 1:

Leather trousers, classic Hermes bag, white tee and the jacket. I love the pairing of a classic tweed jacket and Hermes bag with leather pants and on trend shoes.

Outfit 2: As simple as it gets- jeans, white t-shirt and a scarf. It looks so effortless because it truly is.

Outfit 3: Taking inspiration from Lady Diana what with short running leggings, sneakers and designer handbag- but instead of a sweatshirt, she elevated the sporty outfit with a tweed jacket. It should’t work but strangely, it does.

Outfit 4: Little tweed suit- cropped jacket paired with shorts and tights. In the winter, pair them with block heeled, knee high boots.

Outfit 5 : High waisted trousers and a crop top. A foray into the 90’s aesthetic that took over the fashion world. It’s not just for our skinny sisters. Hight waisted trousers cover the tummy whilst a crop top reveals the slimmest part of the torso. Throw on a tweed jacket and you’ll get a fashionable spin on the outfit whilst remaining classy and timeless.

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