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5 unexpected, petite friendly style hacks I learned form Chiara Ferragni

February 18, 2021

I must admitt- I’m obsessed with her style. Her world- full of color and glamour and yet so normal with her happy family photos, is a very warm and lovely one. Too many times I fell down the rabbit hole of her Instagram, admiring her sense of style and her fabulous bag collection. Even though I’m petite, her outfits serve as endless inspiration for me. Here are five, petite friendly style tips I learned from her:

Tuck your knit in the waistband of your jeans. Don’t just tuck the front in, tuck in the whole jumper. I’ve tried it recently where I tucked my oversized cashmere jumper into the waistband of my jeans, which created surprisingly fresh and streamlined silhouette.

Pink is a winter wonder colour. Many woman shy away from winter pink but it can be a wonderful way to make a pale winter complexion look fresh and glowing. I’m no longer surprised by the amount of pink on Chiara’s Instagram, from coats, teddy coats to tops and bags. In addition to making winter skin looking fresh and luminous, pink is also a wonderful pick me up in a sea of winter blacks and greys.


Knit long cardigans are back– and in big way. But we’re not talking granddad cardigans here. Think robe or kimono like. You’ll be wearing them over everything comes Spring (and long into next Winter season, too).

Eating is stylish! What food’s got to do with being stylish, you may ask? But hear me out- there is nothing more fun and beautiful than a girl enjoying her food! Cooking and eating connect us with our loved ones and create memories of endless evenings in the company of our families and friends.

Pair jewellery with tracksuit to elevate your outfit. Most of last year save for the summer I spent in my trackies, and tbh I often felt sluggish and just simply meh. Adding jewellery to my outfit made me feel effortlessly put together.

Which one is your favourite?

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