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3 reasons I invested in these Dior Quest boots for Spring

March 6, 2021

The moment I saw them, I fell in love (kind of happens a lot with me and shoes). In a short clip on Dior’s Instagram, a model looked whimsical walking through Puglia countryside in a midday sun. She was wearing a long sheer floaty dress (not dissimilar to our classic Naomi), a lace headscarf and THE boots. Big, biker inspired, beautifully cut and crafted, they were such a contrast to ethereal dress and headscarf that whole outfit stood out to me in a fresh and grown up way (I’m no stranger to wearing Dr Martens with a dress but this was a different league).

They say that a customer’s journey between seeing an item and getting out their credit cards can be a long one but in my case it took a mere couple of days. I checked them out obsessively, calculated cost per wear and ordered them on Dior website.

Why did I invest in such expensive shoes for Spring? Here’s why:

Versatility – even before I bought them I realised that these boots would go with almost my entire wardrobe and it’s really rare to find shoes like that. Since I got them, I think they are actually the most versatile pair of shoes I own. I wore them with jeans, oversized cashmere jumper and our cashmere coat and with our tweed (sample) suit- both outfits looked nonchalantly modern with the addition of the boots. Comes Spring, I’ll be rocking them with our silk, floaty Naomi dress.

Cost per wear– this is very much tied to their versatility. Because they go with nearly my entire wardrobe (check out how I wore it with our new dress), they are already the most worn pair bringing the CPW dramatically down.

They elevate every outfit – this is a beauty of well crafted, expensive shoes. You can casually pair them with with a simple t-shirt and jeans, or juxtaposition them with elegant blazer and a skirt, and they will help to take the outfit to another level.

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