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3 new ways to wear a chunky knit when you are petite

January 31, 2021

Ever thought how cool Steve McQueen looked in his chunky knit sweater? Same here! Steve Mcqueen is such a style icon for me but isn’t there something so inherently cool in chunky knit jumper? It’s a piece that never goes out of style.

My favourite one is a classic fishermen jumper. There’s something so nostalgic yet adventurous about it, as if wearing it gave me a pass to faraway adventures on board of a yacht.

I must admit that for a long time chunky knits fell out of my favours.  I’m petite and I thought I could not wear them without looking well, chunky.  They didn’t seem stylish enough for me, too. Give me a sleek cashmere jumper any time- I thought. How wrong I was.

In October last year I went sailing on the Atlantic. It was during the week aboard a yacht that I suddenly thought I would have loved to have a chunky knit with me, perhaps a fisherman’s one. Whilst during the day a wet weather gear was necessary, in early evenings we would arrive to a little port towns, moor in the marina and sneak out for a plate of oysters washed down with a glass of Sancerre, or just sit out on the deck with a mug of hot tea and cookies. It would have been a perfect outfit to wear with battered jeans, thick wool socks and my favourite French brand of wellies, Aigle.

So how to wear a chunky knit sweater when you are petite? These the three fresh ways how to style chunky knit jumper:

Cool weather party outfit

Pair chunky knit and slip dress for an effortless and chic look. It’s a great outfit for winter (zoom) soiree when you you want to be warm but glamorous at the same time.  Chunky knit will add effortlessness to the look (try rolling the sleeves up) whilst a silky slip dress will infuse it with subtle boudoir glamour. Pair it with leg lengthening nude heel or add kitten keel mules for more relaxed look.

The luxe look

Tonal, refined and cosy. First of all, go for a white or cream or oatmeal jumper (and don’t worry about it getting it dirty- if you buy 100% wool, you will be able to wear it for ages without having to wash it because pure wool don’t pick up dirt or smells easily). Pair it with white denim and a cream coat. Cream and ivory are such a luxurious colours and outfits is these hues always look more expensive that they are. Tuck the knit into your waistband and add tan accessories.

Casual weekend at the seaside

There’s something so inherently off duty nonchalant about pairing a chunky knit and boots, and this look is a perfect outfit for a countyside weekend away. Pair your chunky knit with cut off shorts or battered jeans (just make sure to balance out big jumper with slim leg trousers), a pair of cool wellies and thick wool socks pulled up above the boot. If you’re feeling preppy, you can also put a stripy long sleeve t-shirt under the jumper and roll up the cuffs.

As for me, I finally got my chunky knit sweater. In cream no less. I’ll be wearing it when I go yachting in April.

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