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2 years later…a photoshoot in Paris

June 8, 2021

Paris. La Ville Lumière. City of Love. It used make me miss it madly, love it like crazy and even intimidate me slightly- well dressed, seemingly confident people, the impossible beauty on every corner.  Now, I’m slightly older, more confident and Paris feels like a a good old friend I love to visit for a catch up. And so, when I needed to shoot images for a re- launch of our best loved design, the Sascha, Paris was the obvious choice. Let me take you to my favourite city.

One of the things I love in Paris are hotels. I try to choose a new one each time- they feel like a new home without having to commit. On this visit, I booked Les Jardins du Fabourg, Spa & Hotel by Shiseido, which turned out to be a fabulously glamorous hideaway in the heart of Paris.

When I arrived at Gare Montparnasse and caught a cab to the hotel, I saw the sight that I missed the most- Paris was buzzing. After 7 months of closed cafes and restaurants and empty streets,  Parisians took to the terraces and the “French way of life” (as described by the French president) could resume.  

My room was hidden across the garden courtyard and just over the spa and the pool. Both were tempting but I was going to be busy, it was a work trip after all. I had two appointments that afternoon, dresses to iron, shoot to plan and execute. I might have gotten distracted by the marble bathroom for a bit- but who wouldn’t -isn’t it just fantastic?

After a visit to the hair salon I found myself with spare couple of hours. I walked slowly across my favourite bridge, Alexandre III, gilded sky blue with four golden statues guarding it’s opposite ends. In front of me there was a magical golden dome of Les Invalides and to the right, the Eiffel Tower.  On the river bank, I saw opened terraces, still quite empty because of the early hour and two men having a boxing class next to the stairs. On a whim, I decided to go for an apéro.

I love this French tradition, a cocktail hour, perfectly positioned at the edge of an early evening, basking in long, honey gold rays with the promise of the evening stretching in front of you…In Paris, evenings are always full of promise.

That evening as I enjoyed my dinner in a candlelit garden restaurant of the hotel, I felt like  like a new chapter was opening up. Last year was difficult and like so many of us, I’ve had to let

go of so many parts of my life. By now I knew that  I would never had them back- but I wasn’t sorry to let them go. The new chapter was opening up- both for Sascha and for me.

Speak soon,

Ana xx

Ps. Pop in on Thursday as I’ll show you behind the scenes of the photo shoot and take you with me to the hairstlist to the stars.

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